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Marketing services we provide our sellers


Mahar McCarthy Real Estate recognizes that we are in one of the most desirable states in the country to live, one of natural beauty and one of the lowest population. We are experts in directing you in the best way possible to market and sell your property with a preferred outcome.

In todays market, we are trained to move quickly and efficiently. The number of days a property is on the market can be a critical point depending on the price range. We analyze MLS data daily to keep track of this statistic and to advise our clients correctly. We work to educate the buyer that the length of time on the market for properties in the higher price range is not necessarily a reflection of the property's value and therefore reason for a lower offer but simply our demographics at work. 

No matter what current market conditions are, there is always a framework for our strategy that includes pricing the property within its price range hopefully at the top of that range if the property is in good condition. The pricing is the most critical point because buyers are intelligent and informed and they are too busy to bother to look at or seriously entertain overpriced listings. You may never see the majority of buyers if you overprice your property. What we want with a new listing is to generate a powerful surge of interest from qualified buyers who are waiting for the next new listing in their range to come on the market.

Our goal is to create a partnership between you as our client and Mahar McCarthy Real Estate that will express our belief that tight pricing (your decision) and high energy from your Realtor combined with our personal and financial investment will bring you the best results (the highest possible price) within the shortest period of time.

We provide a detailed list of local, regional and metropolitan media that we will use to tailor an appropriate, individualized marketing plan that will attract buyers from out of state and even outside of the country.

On a local basis we are the leading advertiser with a full page Saturday ad which is the back page of the Bennington Banner's TV Week. Here we announce weekend open houses and new listings. It has become a traditional post for people to check out what is new in real estate and we have even seen this ad posted on the wall of a competitor on a Saturday morning.


Open Houses: We are enthusiastic believers in Open Houses and run them on a regular basis with the exception of the month of December, Super Bowl Sunday, Mother's Day and religious holidays. Not only do we meet new buyers, we keep your home in the buyers view and can document actual sales from these efforts.

Internet: and our website are accessed by more and more clients and customers every year. Our goal is to continually update our links and information for this marketing tool. Our listings are available on all other realtor websites via IDX and that increases your penetration of the marketplace and ability to reach buyers to unprecedented levels.

Consistency in advertising; local, regional and metropolitan

Specific marketing plans for unusual or high profile properties

24-7 service from internet connections as well as weekend hours that include an agent on duty for the weekend for all buyer, seller and co-broker opportunities. We have an agent on duty Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm and on Saturdays we have a receptionist and agent available at our office until 2:00 pm when weekend agent takes over for all calls through Sunday.


Seller services beyond marketing

  • Professional analysis and broker's opinion of value based on MLS statistics that are provided to the seller for their own assessment.
  • Weekly updates of marketing efforts and current market conditions
  • Feedback within 24 hours of all showings

Advice on how to prepare a property for listing, as well as showing, is a key component. We are pros at helping you stage your home to accent its most desirable features. We also have a list of practical techniques that increase a property's showability without spending a great deal of money. While it is important to show your home at its best, it can also be dangerous to over-improve a property with a feature that won't necessarily please all buyers.

We provide our guidance throughout the process of negotiating a solid Purchase and Sale Contract. This is our most critical work and where we really show our expertise and long standing years of experience. From the moment we bring you an offer we will know whether or not a buyer is qualified and we will review the entire framework of the Purchase and Sale Contract with you pointing out in each case such as deposit, mortgage and inspection contingency time lines and the appropriateness of any and all other contingencies that the buyer has requested. Finally, the week before closing we stay with you on a daily basis making sure that all of the steps necessary such as changing over utilities, allowing enough time for packing and arranging for trash removal are in order. We make sure that when your buyer walks through your home hours before your closing that you are completely ready. Our goal is for your closing to be a happy time of transition for both you and your buyer.

A listening attitude that hears what the seller needs during the process and the ability to create a true partnership that will develop a lifetime relationship with our firm.